The underground swingers party had opened up possibilities none of them would have ever dared to dream of. The air was filled with the smell of sweat and positive user engagement. In the corner, Starbucks could see Nike, making out passionately with Twitter. Starbucks felt a tinge of jealousy; everyone knew about Nike’s ability go for hours without stopping. She caught herself staring at his muscular arms, tried to look away but— instead made eye contact. Her heart skipped a beat, but then... Still pulling Twitter’s blue hair, Nike gestured to come closer. Nervously, Starbucks approached. As she stepped forward, Twitter gave her a seductive smile. “This is what’s happening,” Twitter said. “Join now.”

Starbucks felt both of them putting a hand on her shoulder. She hesitated and looked at Twitter’s features. She had never done anything with another brand.

But... the thought of how progressive and queer inclusive this would make her seem, pushed her over the edge. And just as Nike whispered in her ear “Just Do It”, she’d already gone in for the kiss. While their lips were still touching, Twitter guided Starbucks’ hand to Nike’s sweatpants. Starbucks paused and turned her head towards him. “I’m gonna turn your Grande into a Venti.”