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The two colonies

In the year 10870 ST (Simulated Time), a small colony fled from the dictatorial government on the central Dyson sphere Kodal to a planet outside its territory and settled on the largest of its two continents. A decentralized governing system was established and a nation formed, called Yveon. The new inhabitants, a mix of humans, androids and various artificial intelligence hive minds, adopted a mixture of the languages they spoke, after which a formal grammar and writing system was introduced in 10880 ST, called Rusa.

Later, in 10932 ST, a second colony arrived, consisting mostly of former nomads. They settled down on the smaller continent and called it K’ha. The settlers established themselves as craftspeople, farmers and merchants. They invested heavily in oceanic farming and naval trade routes with Yveon. Because of their lineage and their focus on intercontinental trade, the culture of K’ha started to revolve around journeys and stories, valuing them as the most important things in life. Their language, Nahras, reflects this as well.

Meanwhile, Yveonian culture quickly evolved to be heavily involved with science, technology and aesthetics. Many research labs were set up across the continent to explore the inner workings of Marínusa. Strategic defense points that doubled as laboratories were established near the southern ocean, close to Yveon’s capital, Iívenotica. Soon after, these facilities deployed an electrical deterrence field around the planet to keep unwanted visitors, such as Kodalian ships, out. Over in the north, art and explorations of geometry, color and texture flourished. Young artists and musicians concentrated in Aestereon, a city in the middle of the forest.

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Flag of Yveon
Flag of Yveon

The true origins

It’s not the first time the planet Marínusa is inhabited – around 9800 ST, multiple older civilizations existed already. A large wall in an advanced state of decay, dividing the northern and southern half of Yveon, predates the current civilization and several analyses have revealed it to be about a thousand years old. It is theorized this wall was erected during a civil war, but due to some kind of natural disaster the entire population on both sides went extinct. Several records and documents found in pre-Yveonian structures appear to confirm this.

The wheel, a symbol for decentralized government
The wheel, a symbol for decentralized government

In 10940 ST, a group of scientists, technologists and analytical artificial intelligence hive minds had a major breakthrough. They had found an ancient artifact that appeared to power yet another simulated universe. More than that, they had managed to communicate with this simulated universe and in fact, had found our universe and connected to our current Internet.

The group figured out the structure of this newly found network fairly easily, since their own universe had gone through many iterations of interplanetary communication networks already. Soon, they managed to translate the most common languages on our planet.

In 10942 ST, an initiative was launched to bring access to our Internet to the biggest cities on Yveon. Many inhabitants were fascinated by the idea of communicating with an entirely new universe and started to form a presence on our Internet and even publish their work, one of them being Sati*saba, an Aestereon-based music duo.

Sati*saba written in Rusa
Sati*saba written in Rusa