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melon computer

076 No Pictures in the Aquarium, Please /nopicturesintheaquariumplease
The first exhibition inside the virtual gallery
076 Hell on Computer /helloncomputer
An egg-shaped return and a descent into hell


001 Check Out My Skateboard, Steve /skateboard
Comic about a guy and their skateboard
004 Vis /vis
Dutch comic about a fish on a quest for hamburgers
Jeremy Hovercraft /jh
Saddest 4 word story: shitpost comic, never finished

animations and other videos

108 tree /tree
Experiment with DIY surround sound
083 Google Looking Glass /googlelookingglass
Sel and Hyperlink become Google from the company Google
000 Bryan's Bangers /bryan
It's NYE 2014. Bryan is running a questionable enterprise
080 The Chimpee Chocolate Commercial /chimpee
Fever dream from a high school text book
108 Ricardo /ricardo
Short video about a rich frog going to space
108 Dog /dog
Drawing a dog from memory


Wiki /marinusa
A worldbuilding project
026 Dictionary /marinusa/dict
Rusa to English and back
028 Death of the Hive Mind /marinusa/death-of-the-hive-mind
Short story about the murder of a being with multiple bodies
052 Rusaseiízh /marinusa/rusaseiizh
Unreleased game about identity and language
066 Sati*saba
Musical duo from Æstereon


Automated Decorum /automated-decorum
Small typeface with angles, made in 2015
043 Algemeen /algemeen
Helvetica "inspired" font with Rusa support
025 /sae
First Rusa writing system font
005 Circumference /circumference
Geometric shapes, loosely fitting together

my art school years

036 VERY ONLINE /veryonline
Hello Fellow Brands
041 Gun Girl /gungirl
Not the same as a girl with a gun
065 Manual Facial Recognition /manualfacialrecognition
Please step into the frame
029 Layering 1—3 /layering
Liminal spaces, audio edition
054 What is game? /whatisgame
Wittgenstein was a gamer. A talk from 2018
106 mother i have joined the oversimplification trend /mijot
Minimalism is a curse, the board
049 No Home Like Place /nhlp
Explore Airbnb through AI generated collages

even more “more”

  1. Will nuel be on time? /willnuelbeontime

    Live tracker. Keep it bookmarked!

  2. The Great Sandwich Hunt /sandwich

    Find three sandwiches in rural Sweden

  3. Earwax Simulator 5000 /earwax

    Clean this man's ear! Now!

  4. brusj /brusj

    Anything can be a brush. If you believe

  5. a /a

    New face filters on Instagram. This one's my favorite so far

  6. Chery /chery

    A terminal for on your website

  7. Beach Thing /beachthing

    Digital artwork


  1. XXIIVV webring XXIIVV

    [ Random ]


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